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Accessory package

The accessory package includes: Product 1: Complete package + certificate Product 2: magnifying loupe 3.5x Product 3: Laminate box Ascorbic

Advanced teaching of cosmetic dentistry book

This book contains all the slides and tips that are presented in the form of a specialized collection for those

Comprehensive teaching of advanced implant book

The first thing that comes to the mind of a patient who needs an implant is which of the types

Comprehensive teaching of endodontics book

Root canal treatment is one of the most difficult and at the same time the most demanded dental specialties, which

Comprehensive teaching of introductory implant book

Implantology is the result of the latest research and technology. Placing a dental implant in the jaw is a not

Comprehensive teaching of restorative dentistry book

Many colleagues and students after teaching or lectures; They repeatedly ask a coherent, clinical and practical source; Therefore, the purpose

Comprehensive teaching of the book on restoration of root canal teeth

The restoration of root canal teeth is a very broad category, and there are many differences of opinion about their