Comprehensive teaching of cosmetic dentistry book

This book contains all the slides and tips that are presented in the form of a specialized collection for those interested.

This book alone and without teaching will not be effective.

You will have access to these tips in this collection:

- The latest achievements in the gang with ivory

- Band with all kinds of zirconium and lithium disilicate ceramics

- Choosing the right ceramic block in terms of beauty, strength and bonding to the teeth.

- Getting to know the types of resin cements and how to use them.

- Principles and basics of smile design

- Examining parafunctional habits, types of soft and hard night guard

- Ceramic laminates; Cutting, molding and gluing steps

- Bleaching and conservative treatments to treat hypocalcification lesions and primary caries [...]

Comprehensive teaching of restorative dentistry book

(with practical work)

Many colleagues and students after teaching or lectures; Many times they ask from a coherent, clinical and practical source; Therefore, the purpose of writing this collection of books is not writing like reference books, and the sum of my experiences, studies and findings have been expressed in simple language and with a therapeutic approach, so that my dear colleagues can provide appropriate treatment for patients when necessary by referring to the required topic. do it yourself The present collection, which by God's grace is the result of more than a decade of my study and practice; It is definitely not a substitute for specialized courses or other reference books; But guidance[...]

Comprehensive teaching book on the restoration of root canal teeth

The restoration of root canal teeth is a very broad category, and there are many differences of opinion about their treatment plan among specialist dentists, especially restorative and prosthodontists.

The range of these treatment plans from simple to complex are:

Composite bonding restorations, without the need to shorten the cusps
Shortening one or more or all cusps and reconstruction with direct restorative materials
Shortening one or more or all cusps and reconstruction with ceramic inlay
Using fiber post and tooth reconstruction (with or without cusps shortening)
Using fiber posts and crowning teeth
Using Casting Post and tooth crowning
How to use Fiber site

The importance of Ferral effect in all the above cases and other topics required for this course, such as the use of dental bonding, bonding to ceramics, and resin cements, are also examined.

Comprehensive teaching of endodontics book

Endodontics is a branch of dental science that is responsible for diagnosing and treating diseased pulps. If dental caries are not treated, they reach the pulp after destroying the enamel and dentin and cause its inflammation and discomfort. In addition to caries, other factors such as a history of sudden impact on the tooth, deep fillings, tooth fracture and cracks, severe wear and tear of teeth and advanced gum diseases play a role in causing amas and pulp disease.

Comprehensive teaching of implant book

Implantology is the result of the latest research and technology. Placing a dental implant in the jaw is a not so difficult treatment that does not involve any complications. The dental implant plays the same role as the original teeth for the patient until the end of his life. Among the different methods of replacing the tooth root, the dental implant is considered a complete replacement, because it includes both the root and the crown of the tooth.

The advantage of using this course is the use of simple and practical language for colleagues who want to start implant treatment.